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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Then came the Darkness- Irene 28-30th August

When I wrote earlier " Dark Inevitability", I didn't mean what we in are going through in CT at this time, while the forces of nature had largely spared us (at least as per news correspondents ), it was Sunday afternoon that we lost power.

Weather was calm outside, the relentless rain had stopped and I was/ am staying at a hotel so didn't expect this coming at all. The entire area around the hotel in Manchester went into a blackout.

There I was in a hotel which seemed like a bates motel, the only lights working were the exit signs in the corridors, hours passed and so did the night. I couldn't believe that we had a outage of more than 16hrs already and without access to new on TV or Internet connectivity it was like being cut off from the rest of the world. Luckily my Blackberry had some charge but knowing the international roaming I was a little hesitant.

Morning 29th I checked with very friendly staff on any news around the power cuts and seemed like the power companies were following he no commitment policy with a week as the timeline and it took the hotel another 12 hours to decide that they are going to get a generator.

I made it to office after a very cold shower and was very optimistic about getting back to a well light room with hot water for a shower. My enthusiasm was met with empathetic staff at the hotel and emergency torch arrangements. 48 hrs in the dark in one of globally reputed hotel chains on East Coast, i wouldn't have imagined that but it was once that I realised there's nothing and no one who can't be humbled by "forces of nature"

It's 30th afternoon and the hotel still doesn't have power, now I am starting to wonder were we really prepared ? What if Irene was actually a category 2 Hurricane when it hit CT ? Where the businesses and individuals really ready for this?

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