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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Start of an Unpleasant Dream- 21st Aug - 25th Aug

I am a regular business traveller, who has visited london and US east coast atleast a dozen times before this one, which I currently am on.

Flew out of my home country and reached london on 21st August and Monday to Thursday it was business as usual visiting clients, attending business meeting, meeting my team based in UK.
It was a humble routine during the weekdays, get back from work in the 1 bed room appartment fix something to eat and start flipping some TV channels and ofcourse completing any pending emails from the team back home.

Wednesday (24th August) night after some back to back CSI editions (a detective series on TV) decided to flip the channel to some news and I see Irene making some headlines. Talks about a hurricane hitting Bahamas, a sombre feeling sets in and i move on.

Thursday morning- I go to canary wharf to meet one of my old collegues (literally:-)) and good friend, we chat for a little while over a smoke. While we were reflecting on some good times spend together and feeling nostalgic about some good old times, suddenly Peter (my good old pal) made a statement "you're brave taking on mother nature". I knew he's talking about me travelling to NYC on saturday as i remembered excerpts from the morning paper.
While I had no intention of taking on mother nature, I had the urge to come up with a smarter one and i responded "All in the call of duty".

On my way back to my office in central london, I did everything to get information on Hurricane Irene- newspaper, googled on my blackberry even chatted with strangers. I realised Peter had just put something in my head.

Back in my office in central london, I met some of my team members and then asked some of my collegues who stay connected better than I do and it was all very light. Just to be sure, before I left for the day I looked up my Bristish Airways flights and all flights on Saturday and Sunday (27th and 28th) showed as operating on time. There was a sigh of comfort knowing that the flights would be cancelled if they see a risk.

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