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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Did it really hit New York ? Seems it's impacted more in CT and NJ- 28th Aug

Well the scare to New York City seems to have passed. High tide is pushing back, winds are not as bad and New York city has managed with very little damage, if any.

Some may continue to argue if all the emergency declaration and evacuation was not needed and was Governor being cautious after his delayed action this winter. Well it's not for me to decide on what was prudent and let's leave that debate outside this blog.

I still have all the water and food stocked, would be more than happy it doesn't come to using it. I am in CT so still in the way of the storm and it hasn't stopped raining here since 14 hrs continuously.

What is surprising though is that there hasn't been much coverage on what is happening in NJ and CT. There will me serious flooding problems  if it continues to come done at the same pace. Thousands of people have loss power in the 2 states and continue to survive in the dark. See the trees, camera difficult to be held straight due to the wind.

Recovery from the damage caused may take a few days, power companies would have to restore power. Government agencies would have the clear the roads. I don't want to sound as if it's over, most parts of CT and northern part of NJ is still facing strong winds and heavy rains but if the weathermen are to be believed this may not get any worse as the Irene seems to be exhausted with all the heavy lifting it has already done.

The rains in these states may be at record levels by the time this is over. Look out for the river flooding in the New England states !!!

I am stuck in my hotel room and still have power but there is no way that anyone is going to venture today. I am not cribbing about it, being in a safe place. Everyone is hoping that it will pass by the evening and then it will take some time to assess the damage/ disruption.
Boston is next in Irene's path and I hope it doesn't pick up strength as it moves.

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