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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Irene no more a Hurricane but a Tropical Storm- 28th Aug 11

Well not sure what that means, Irene declared a Tropical storm. Risk of it intensifying has gone down, there are people with their surf boards on the Long Beach but here at CT the rains are relentless and probably strongest in the last couple of days.
Continuous downpour continues and I can only wonder how much water clogging would have happened in the low lying areas. City officials seem to be venturing out but seems primarily as a precautionary measure. The fallen tree is not yet something being cleared.

There are smiles on faces of anyone you meet, the fear of it being any worse is gone. I was met with a smiling face at the hotel restaurant where all those who were stranded because of the storm had a good meal and the chat was on. Voices were a bit louder and laughs were shared over a relaxed breakfast.

While it's not over seems the spirit of the people is lifted and Irene may dampen the ground further, there aren't gonna be any more dampening of the spirit !!!

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