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Friday, August 26, 2011

Dark Inevitability- Worst Friday Night Ever- 26th Aug

Well Friday night dinner was done, emails completed and i was constantly on BA's flight status.

Finally i saw BA cancelling flights to JFK airport, by 10 pm UK time all flights for Sunday 28th were cancelled, I had a mixed feeling of relief and then a question would i get stuck ?; surely there wont be chance i will get a flight on Tuesday as the whole world would want travel once this ends.

Uncertainty had set in, restless at 11pm not knowing if i was flying in the morning. Continuously looking at flight status and weather forecasts etc. There it was 6 states on east coast had declared emergency which included NC, Maryland, NY, NJ and CT. Guess what these are 3 of the states i had to go, now the restlessness was turning to nervousness. There came news on the internet showing the confirmed path of the hurricane.

It was 1 am in London and i had packed my bags, preparing myself to whatever my flight carrier decides, was quite sure at this point that i am going to be stuck in London as British Airways has cancelled all flight leaving after noon on Sat till Sunday night. This is when i decided i would take a nap and get up at 4 to check what the status shows.

Well call it luck, fate or Irene calling, mine was the only flight operating to JFK on Saturday. Reluctant, still not sure if the flight would actually leave i headed towards Heathrow and checked in.
In the waiting lounge i was met with nervous smiles, people discussing the recent news. I- phones and i- pads were being over worked and i got a peek of face time in action(quite like Skype).

I was at the airport a little despondent that i couldn't speak to my son and talk about the whole situation I was in and then I encountered some teenage exuberance. I teenage girl, travelling alone walked past me, smiling ear to ear - no sign of worry and stated "What do ya reckon, are we landing in New york or somewhere else". I smiled back without responding but there it was it kicked another set of thoughts which were obvious and worse than ever.

As I took my seat on the flight, suddenly i got a sense of calmness and it was to fate from here on. I was flying from the safety of London to the eye of the storm in East coast.

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